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About Me | The Girl Behind The Full Bucket Podcast and Katherine Ilona Photography

May 17, 2019

Hello friends!

Thanks for taking a moment to pop by and get to know me.  Although you may have already perused the “ABOUT ME” page, I wanted to dive a little deeper into who I am and what I do.

I started this journey as a wedding and elopement photographer based out of North Carolina.  Although I still photograph life’s most special moments, I am currently a destination and adventure photographer traveling across the world capturing weddings, elopements, intimate ceremonies, and engagements on the tops of mountains and in the most beautiful churches.  Photography, however, is not how this journey began.  I have always been in love with the brain and with people.  I grew up thinking I wanted to be a pediatric neurosurgeon and majored in Neuroscience and Women’s Studies in college.  As I found that connecting with, helping, and empathizing with people of diverse backgrounds involved hearing their stories and connecting with them on a deeper level, my current academic home is that of counseling and clinical psychology. 

My lifelong academic pursuits are much like my artistic ones — to connect with people.  Academically, I do this by understanding their minds and getting to the heart of their spirit and drive; artistically, I do this by capturing their story  and heart behind the photographic lens — creating moments to be forever cherished.

My clients are more than just clients.  That are lifelong friends.  They are people that want to make a new adventure buddy, that want to spend ten minutes on a segway swapping dog mom pics of their furry children, or stop the car to frolic in a field of wildflowers.  They’re people that know that a photograph only begins to capture what it really feels like to sit on top of a mountain and breathe in the sunset with your whole body.  They’re people that like wine, but love tacos.  If that sounds like you, then keep reading.

I love to bake, create my own recipes, and whip up some secret ones that have been handed down to me by my grandmother who had an incredible talent in the kitchen.  Pies are my specialty.  I have always loved baking them because the pie crusts are, in some ways, a form of sculpture and art to be molded and shaped.  I also love to get outside — backpacking, yoga, skiing, rock-climbing, kayaking, swimming, and running all keep me busy in my *cough cough* spare time.  I believe that music is an incredible outlet for the soul.  Although no longer pursuing a career in the music field, I am still a professional harpist and continue to perform benefit concerts from time to time or just practice on my own. 

I have a yellow lab puppy named Daisy Mae.  She is currently training to compete in Retriever Field Trials — a long distance endurance sport for retrievers involving land and water game retrieves.  She’s pretty badass.  I’m 23 years old and am married to the most wonderful man.  He is currently a First Lieutenant in the United States Army and we are stationed in North Carolina.  He loves me like Jesus and teaches me each and every day what it means to selflessly serve our little fam.



Now onto what I do.  Sure, I take photographs and I LOVE that job, but I have so many interests and passions, that picking just one seemed limiting.  I am not an in-the-box kinda girl.  My father always passed along some wisdom from my grandfather when I was growing up.  He would say,

“Katie, you can do anything, you just can’t do everything.”

As much as this may be correct, I also am someone that doesn’t shy away from a challenge, so here I am — attempting to do it all.  As my lifestyle and inspiration arm of my brand grew, I realized that branding myself as a photographer only WAS NOT WHO I AM.  I am not Katie Robinson, elopement photographer.  I am Katie Robinson elopement photographer, writer, dog mom, wife, FRG Leader, sewer, house renovator, interior decorator, furniture builder, hiker, rock-climber, youtube video maker, blogger, and so much more.

I kept looking for an outlet through which I could share my creative pulse.  Youtube, initially, did not seem quite right (although I’m coming back to this one).  Instagram seemed great, but I need more room to share thoughts and grow a community.  Etsy wasn’t right on its own.  Pinterest was a mirage.  Facebook is outdated (or so I hear from my sister).  And thus I landed on a podcast.  I decided to share my thoughts and inspiration via podcast because the women I am trying to seek are busy.  We are all busy.  You can listen to a podcast in the car, on a plane, on the treadmill, or while grocery shopping with your little ones in tow.  My dream member of my community is a podcast listener, but even more than that, she is looking for something.

Therein lies the name of my podcast, “The Full Bucket Podcast”.  I chose this name after chatting with my friend Kaitlyn and my husband Michael about needs and wants and dreams and desires.  I felt so empty sometimes, I felt like I was always behind and that there were too few hours IN MY LIFE for all of the things I wanted to accomplish.  Simultaneously, I KNOW that taking things slowly and living a life of purpose is fulfilling and healthier for your mind and body.  I was endlessly working and working while relying on those around me to “fill my bucket”.

What should you fill your bucket with, you might ask?  Well, all of our buckets look different.  All of their contents are unique.  That said, one thing our buckets all have in common is that they are filled with meaning.  Before I go and tell you that you can’t fill your bucket with the newest Prada purse, I am going to set the scene.  It does not matter what your bucket is filled with.  I am not going to tell you that dogs are allowed but purses are not.  What I will implore is that you analyze the MOTIVATION behind what you want to fill your bucket and why you are choosing those things.  The things that make it on my list, that fill my bucket, are the little things that bring me joy no matter what is happening in my life. To read more on the joy vs. happiness paradigm click here.

I found that over time, shallow relationships, having the best clothes or the prettiest instagram feed, hiding my awkward from the world, and being FAKE were not things that made me happy.  They resulted in a head hitting the pillow at the end of the day feeling empty and me relying on those around me (my friends, boyfriends/fiance/husband, and family) to fill me up.  Instead, the things that keep me going are things like meaningful hugs, stopping to connect with a stranger or someone that needs to know that someone cares about them, a phone call to an older family member just because responding to an instagram message from someone that has 1/100th of the followers you have because you’re not just an account, you’re a human too, dog kisses, realizing that dandelions are just trying to be flowers, looking out of your car window while you drive and realizing this crazy world we live in is the most beautiful place, appreciating that every day we wake up we have an opportunity to change the world, the list goes on and on.


So….what do I do?  I talk about life, I talk about your mind, body, and spirit, and I empower YOU to embrace your own genuine and authentic heart and live the most purposeful life possible.

Join me on this journey.  I’m not asking for another email to receive totally unrelated notifications asking you to buy my presets or coffee mugs.  I am asking you to walk with me, hike with me, run with me, bake with me, and SHOW UP to embrace who you are and what you were meant to do.



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